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From Startup to Sales Expansion / Diverse cross-border e-commerce support

A support system that fits customers’ needs, especially on Amazon
We will make the most suitable proposal after a careful hearing.

Global Brands, Inc. is proud to have served more than 1,000 companies in sales and sales expansion services for overseas Amazon and cross-border e-commerce.

In addition to web promotion, advertising, and website construction, we also provide local sales, local marketing, overseas logistics, translation, and interpretation services, as well as various agency and consulting services related to overseas sales, contributing to overseas expansion and increased overseas sales.

Thoroughly support how to make sales and make a profit!

From large companies to new entrants and start-ups, they keep on introducing it.
More than 20 industries and types of businesses, such as daily necessities, beauty products, food, tools, agricultural machinery, and apparel, are participating in our business.

We are happy to listen to you and make the most appropriate proposal for you.

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