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Service Overview

We want to deliver a product to an overseas client (corporate)

Everyday necessities for family members who are studying abroad or on assignment I want to deliver (individual)

I want to send a gift to a friend abroad. (Individual)

There are many opportunities to send things overseas, such as expanding sales channels in the business world and giving gifts to people close to you.
At TNK Logistics, no knowledge of English or difficult trades is required.
Also, you can use this service for personal use as well, as we don’t charge you until we ship it to you.

The TNK Logistics Advantage

Comparison of overseas logistics services

TNK LogisticsEach airlineEMS
Cargo Tracking
size limit○※1
Delivery speed
A collection of lotus books
Currency Support○※2

※1 The size will be in accordance with the shipping company and, if applicable, the destination’s specifications.
※2 There is no charge for customs clearance; however, in the event that customs charges are incurred, the actual cost will be charged.

Flow of Overseas Delivery

TNK Shipping Agent
※1,200Yen for the number of lots.
ShipperMaker Direct
※No commission fee

1.Prepare the goods to be shipped.

②Send products to our warehouse.

②Shipping request from our original system

③ごOur staff will prepare documents and ship out according to the request.

④Shipped from our warehouse