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~Terms of use~

Have you ever used TNK Simple Transfer?

What is TNK Simple Transfer?

※ The use of ShipperMaker Direct assumes that you have sufficient knowledge and experience of exporting.

※ The TNK shipping service is free for U.S. importers, but ShipperMaker Direct shipping requires a separate contract.

※ False declarations, such as under-valuing or falsifying a shipment, are a serious violation of the terms and conditions and constitute unfair trade in violation of customs laws.

※ In the unlikely event that a violation is found, we may refuse to allow you to use our service.

※ Please contact us if you have a referral, or if you are a manufacturer whose shipping details and destination do not change.

Features of ShipperMaker Direct

Useful in these situations

★I’m in a customs hold.
★Lost items in Amazon’s warehouse
★In case of lost cargo
★Meticulous attention to detail at the destination

What you can do with ShipperMaker Direct

Can be shipped from the customer's location.
Reduced domestic shipping costs

Shipment status at a glance

Simple voucher creation

It's easy for anyone to create a perfect invoice

\ The beginning of the industry!/
Amazon FBA Shipments
Automatic import & delivery receipt status
automatic linkage

Control Screen Sample

Why it dominates the competition for U.S. Amazon

How can this still be offered for delivery charges only?